Kids for the Kingdom Sewing training center Zimbabwe


Kids for the Kingdom’s Joshua Training Center in Harare, Zimbabwe teaches sewing and general small business skills. Janet is a graduate of the six-month skills training course which includes basic sewing skills and instruction in how to market your business. When she first started, she shared that her husband was the only wage earner in the family. Every month new debt was added just to cover their basic household needs. As stress mounted from their lack of finances, Janet decided to apply to Kids for the Kingdom’s Joshua Training Center. A spot was open, and she began the training program right away. After just four months of training, Janet was able to sew basic items. She first started to sew clothes and school uniforms for her children in order to save money at home, but her neighbors started to notice her creations and she began receiving orders to make clothes for their children as well. Recently, Janet received an order to produce a traditional African wedding dress. With the help of her tutor at the sewing center she was able to sew the complicated dress and sell it to her customer. With the extra income from Janet’s sewing business, she and her husband are able to meet all their financial needs each month. Janet is working hard and committed to continue her sewing so she will be able to provide her family with a better life in the future.