Talitha Cumi – Zimbabwe



On an outreach mission in Gokwe, Zimbabwe, a rural Zambezi ‘bush’ area, Kids for the Kingdom’s indigenous teams found dozens of women who were poor, destitute, and hopeless. The women had an idea about how they could help themselves, but no one to help them get started. In 2012 Kids for the Kingdom began a sewing and tailoring program with the women. The ladies then decided to name their new vocational training program ‘Talitha Cumi’ which is the Aramaic phrase Jesus spoke when he raised the little girl from the dead in the Gospel of Mark. They said ‘Oh we were dead, but now we have risen?’ Born out of the preaching of the Gospel message, Kids for the Kingdom’s Talitha Cumi project has helped transform the lives of numerous women providing them with marketable job skills so they in turn can provide food and daily necessities for their children.

He took her by the hand and said to her, ‘Talitha cumi’ ! (which means, ‘Little girl, I say to you, get up!’). Immediately the girl stood up and walked around.’ – Mark 5:41-42