Alvaro and Leticia Perdomo



Alvaro Perdomo was born in Guatemala City. Early in life he realized the best way to escape poverty was to get an education and work hard. He became an architect-engineer and was hired by the government to design the nation’s expanding electric system.  Soon after his marriage to Leticia there was a sudden change in politics and Alvaro lost his government job. He was in a personal crisis. He went to a local church for solace and soon accepted Christ. Eventually he opened his own design firm and construction business. But he was not satisfied with a secular job. “I believed God had a different plan for my skills.” One day Perdomo rented a small shed in a poor neighborhood in Guatemala City and offered ham and cheese sandwiches to children if they would come to a Bible Club. Five kids came, then 10, then 30. Soon there were hundreds of children coming. Many would ask, ‘Is this a church or restaurant?’ Today Alvaro and Leticia Perdomo continue to focus their ministry on children and the poor. “Children are the future of Guatemala.” Their Christian school has 700 students. The Perdomos also direct a medical clinic where Leticia works fulltime in the pharmacy. In addition Alvaro pastors the Shalom Baptist Church.