David and Sarah Maina



David Wainaina Maina was born and raised in rural Kenya. At age ten he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and began sharing the Gospel with everyone he met. He led many to Christ including a girl named Sarah who would later become his wife. After graduating from high school David took a job as senior government inspector for water supplies. There he learned how to drill wells and maintain water systems. After receiving a degree in Civil Engineering he continued working with the Ministry of Water Development but was feeling a calling to a different kind of water ‘ministry.’ In 1987 he founded The Lifewater Kenya, a Christian ministry focused on providing people with clean drinking water – and telling them about Jesus the ‘living water.’ Over the years The Lifewater Kenya also added feeding programs, health services, vocational training, and mercy projects. David and Sarah Maina minister as a team at the African Inland Church located in the Rhoda Slum on the edge of theNakuruGamePark where David Maina serves as pastor. Their first language is Kiswahili (Swahili). They are also fluent in Kikuyu and English.