Shahzad and Irum



Kids for the Kingdom Pakistan Branch Office Directors

In Pakistan’s culture Christians experience discrimination and even persecution. Despite these social stigmas and risks Shahzad and Irum  are determined to openly express their Christian faith and to minister to children. “A few years ago I visited the village of my ancestral family and saw starving children wandering the streets,” recalls Shahzad. “The Christian community was paralyzed by fear of persecution, and was doing nothing to help.” Shahzad and Irum both attended Punjab University in Pakistan. Now Shahzad works as a radio translator (speaking Punjabi, Urdu, and English). “The Lord has continued to speak to us about helping the street children in the village, and throughout Pakistan.” Shahzad and Irum also minister through Bible Clubs, an orphan boy’s home, and humanitarian relief efforts. “We want all children to learn to live in the Love of God,” says Shahzad. “Every day circumstances here in Pakistan are making us stronger in the Lord.”