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Our team in Costa Rica is currently serving 102 local children! Our National Director, Ana Cecelia holds bible clubs and a variety of activites to serve her community. To learn more about our ministry in Costa Rica, check out our link in bio! #kidsforthekingdom #k4k #costarica #bibleclubs
“If we meet a person with swollen feet we should comfort them. If we come upon a family that is hungry we should feed them. If we meet a thirsty man we should offer a cup of water. If we discover someone who is lost or discouraged we should provide guidance and encourage them to trust in the ‘good Spirit.’ We have been called to do these things.” - Kids for the Kingdom Kenya national director David Maina. Every person we come into contact with gives us an opportunity to show compassion, and by extension preach the Gospel by our actions! #kidsforthekingdom #k4k #compassion #kingdommessage
“Please pray that we would be a blessing to all the people we touch. That we would love them wholly and care for their eternal needs.” - David and Angela This quote from our National Directors in China just sums up everything we strive to be! Consider the ways we can fully love every life we touch, today! #kidsforthekingdom #k4k #prayerrequest #china