Language :Swahili
Population : 52.57 million
David and Sarah Maina

“If we see a person with swollen feet, we should comfort them. If we come upon a family that is hungry, we should feed them. If we meet a thirsty man, we should offer a cup of water. If we discover someone who is lost or discouraged, we should provide guidance… we have been called to do these things” - David and Sarah Maina

What We Do

Clean Water

Our team in Kenya runs “The Lifewater Kenya”, a Christian ministry focused on providing people with clean drinking water. Each water well can provide up to 1000 people with clean, safe water.


One of the primary ministries in Kenya is our Samaritan Girls and Boys home orphanages serving almost 100 children.

Meet David and Sarah Maina, our National Directors in Kenya. David was born and raised in rural Kenya. At age ten he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and began sharing the Gospel with everyone he met. He led many to Christ including a girl named Sarah who would later become his wife. After graduating from high school David started working with the Ministry of Water Development but felt a call to a different kind of water ‘ministry’. In 1987 David founded The Lifewater Kenya, a Christian ministry focused on providing people with clean drinking water – and telling them about Jesus – the ‘living water.’ Instead of just drilling and installing the well, David requires the community to be involved and take ownership of the project. Over the years The Lifewater Kenya, in partnership with Kids for the Kingdom added feeding programs, Bible clubs, health services, vocational training, and mercy projects. David and Sarah minister as a team at the African Inland Church located in the Rhoda Slum on the edge of the Nakuru Game Park where David serves as pastor. They have a heart to restore health to communities, renew hearts and lives, and bring the Christian Gospel to children and families in rural villages and inner-city slums.

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December 10, 2019

Pray For John Maina


December 10, 2019

We Can Change The Water Crisis In Kenya


December 10, 2019

Wings For Our Children

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

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