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Population : 144.4 million
Natasha and Valodia Bogomolov

“Our outreach to invalid and orphaned children is a great way to bring the Word to the people of our nation. God’s loves us like a mother loves her children. God has a mother’s heart. We see a mother’s heart in the story of King Solomon deciding which of two women the true mother of a baby was. God sees every need. A human mother has compassion. God’s compassion is limitless.” - Natasha and Valodia Bogomolov

What We Do

Disabled orphans outreach

Disabled orphans outreach: Our team in Russia’s primary focus is a monthly outreach to almost 1000 disabled children and their families.

Practical Aid

Our team reaches both orphans and families through clothing and food distribution, medical support, counselling, Christmas and Easter programs, and Bible studies at orphanages.

Meet Natasha and Valodia Bogomolov, our National Directors in Russia. As a teen, Natasha Bogomolov became a leader in the young communist movement, and later became a school teacher. Despite her membership in the Communist Party, Natasha was unsettled about her government’s world view. “It was part of my job to teach children that there was no ‘God.’ The only ‘god’ we had was Mother Russia.” Natasha would ponder these required teachings as she walked home at night. Along the way she would often pass an old lady sweeping the streets. “She had a terrible job,” recalls Natasha. “Yet even in the coldest winters the woman always had a smile on her face and a pleasant word when I passed her.” One evening Natasha stopped to talk with the woman and asked her why she always had such a positive attitude.  “She told me that I could have the same inner peace if I asked Jesus into my heart.” Natasha recalls. After giving her heart to Jesus, Natasha secretly began attending an evangelical church. A year later, Natasha met and married Valodia, a former Army Major who had also given his life to Jesus. Early in their marriage the Bogomolovs gave birth to two handicapped children, both died after only a few years. They received no government help and were even shunned by friends and neighbors. Natasha realized that there were many other families suffering in silence with handicapped children. She began seeking them out to bring comfort, understanding, advice, and practical assistance. Today Natasha and Valodia’s ministry to handicapped children (and their families) extends to over 800 homebound and institutionalized kids. Our Russian teams provide practical services for orphans including clothing and food distribution, medical support, counselling, Christmas and Easter programs, Bible studies and Christian programming at Internauts (orphanages) and institutions in Krasnodar, Sevastopol, Tulsky and Maikop.

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December 10, 2019

Volodia And Natasha In Russia


December 10, 2019

11,696 Children Around The World


December 8, 2019

Thank You To Our Faithful Givers

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

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