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One of the greatest needs in developing countries is a reliable source of clean drinking water. Filthy surface water drawn from streams or ponds creates substantial health issues – especially water-borne diseases and parasites. After a survey of a rural area in Kenya, a health worker there stated; “One-hundred percent of the children in this village have parasites. And nearly all of them have chronic low-grade malaria.” Today there is hope and health in that village. It came in the form of a water well that delivers fresh, clean water to the entire village.

Kids for the Kingdom has teams of national workers in Kenya who are trained well-drillers, mason workers, welders, and other skilled laborers who construct water wells, water storage tanks, water-collection and water-distribution systems.

Based in Kenya’s interior Nakuru Region these national workers drill and install water wells; install hand-pumps and electric pumps; build roof catchment and storage tank systems; and design and construct water storage and distribution systems for rural villages and communities. Currently 54,455 children and families are drinking clean, fresh water provided by Kids for the Kingdom. Most of these water projects are in the rural Nakuru Region of Kenya. (Kids for the Kingdom also has water projects in Ghana, Nicaragua, Malawi, South Sudan and other areas). A typical water well costs $3908 to complete (drill and case 4” borehole, seal, cap, install concrete base and hand pump). It will then begin to produce clean, safe drinking water for the local community.

In Kenya, as each new water system is dedicated our team leader tells the village people the story of Jesus talking to the woman at the well. “Jesus told the woman at the well that when she drinks from the water in the well she will thirst again. However, Jesus says, ‘Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst again.’ This ‘water’ that Jesus offers is the gift of eternal life,” This is the Gospel message in uncomplicated terms. Each time someone draws water from that well they are reminded that ‘Jesus is the living water.’

Individuals and groups are welcome to sponsor a water project and have it dedicated in their name. Upon completion, a water report is prepared showing the well yield and number of people served by the particular well. As often as we can, we will provide GPS coordinates and a map to each water well.

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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

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