Disaster Relief


IMG_0633Kids for the Kingdom teams always stand ready to assist survivors during times of regional crisis or natural disaster.  We have contacts and workers in place around the world. We have been first-responders to the recent earthquakes in Nepal and Nicaragua, famine conditions in Kenya and South Sudan, flood victims in Pakistan, tsunami survivors in India and Sri Lanka, and hurricane victims in Louisiana, USA and Nicaragua. After the disaster, Kids for the Kingdom’s teams train local volunteers to ensure follow-up aid and long term programs are in place for years to come.

Kids for the Kingdom’s teams are currently in Nepal responding to the recent earthquakes and bringing thousands of dollars of aid to remote mountain villages that have been totally destroyed.

In 2014 Kids for the Kingdom teams in South Sudan responded to the flooding which devastated crops across the fragile, war torn nation. Volunteers provided hot, nutritious meals along with the Word of God to refugees.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 huge Monsoons created torrential downpours over much of southern Pakistan. Our team in Pakistan assessed needs and provided urgently needed supplies and the good news of Jesus Christ to the flood victims.

In 2007 and 2008 Kids for the Kingdom provided $55,000 for Hurricane Felix relief efforts in Sandy Bay, Nicaragua. Immediately following the hurricane food, supplies, water, and clothing were air-lifted to hurricane survivors. Kids for the Kingdom provided relief supplies. Airlift logistics was provided by US Military helicopters. Following immediate relief efforts we began a year-long recovery program to rebuild homes and family businesses- especially the fishing industry. Our national workers remain in the region.