Benson – Adult Literacy Progam

Benson in class busy writing.

Kids for the Kingdom recently began an adult literacy program in Zambia. The parents of the students who attend our school in Lusaka are now learning to read and write. Benson (photo) is one of the students enrolled in the adult literacy program. Below is a note from Benson telling his story and why he joined the program.

“While my name is Benson, married with 10 children and 4 Grandchildren, i have been working as an assistance cook for some Lodges and Guesthouses, for the rest of my life till some 4 years ago, when i had my medical check-up and was told to have developed High Blood Pressure and since then i had to resign from my work. Among my children i have 2 who are schooling at Kids for the Kingdom’s school in N’gombe, and so i joined the Caregiver’s Group there, who always spend their time visiting people in the community and sharing the word of God.

I always enjoy my work as a Caregiver because everytime i visit in the community i learn 1 or 2 things and this really keeps me so busy, but there is only one thing that draws me back, this is my lack of Education, i can’t read or write and it pains me so much when ever we have visitors at Needs Care, mostly Whites, i can’t speak to them or share any of my feelings with them and due to this i thought its better i start learning, so that atleast i will be able to speak some English so that even communication will be easy for me and not for now, as it is very hard for me even to help my children do their Homework i can’t and they always tell me that as a father i need to help them with their Homework, but they can’t understand that i am not learnt all they think is i do it deliberately at times they even speak English with me and i can’t answer back, which makes them to complain more that i do not want to talk to them.

This has made me to realise how important Learning is in a person’s life and so i will really make it to study hard, even if i am the only male student i will not give up, because i know what i want in life, and for me it is never too late, because i feel i will need to speak to different types of people and so the Book is my good friend for now in order to learn.

Thank you for supporting me. Stay blessed.”



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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

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