‘Deep’ Bible clubs



In India, Kids for the Kingdom’s teams run Bible clubs in pocket slums, small villages and in the very center of huge cities teeming with people. For many of the children in these areas, the Good News of the Gospel message is the only hope they know. However, in some places in India, it is a crime to speak the name of Jesus. Because of this, many of our Bible clubs meet on rooftops, in alleys and in back rooms of slum housing. When I asked for pictures of the Bible clubs recently, Sam and Prema Sunder, Kids for the Kingdom’s national directors in India responded “Some centers that have ‘deep’ village ministries are unable to send pictures, the staff are afraid.” These ‘deep’ or secret Bible clubs press past their fear of persecution in order to share the Gospel message with as many eager ears as will listen, and the children, unafraid and undeterred, continue to hear the truth.