Participants in Kids for the Kingdom’s self-sustaining goat project in Malawi are overjoyed to receive their goat. 1 female goat will be given to each qualified applicant or family, and several male goats will be retained by our project coordinators. The participants will be required to give their firstborn female goat to the next qualified applicant in the pool, thereby expanding the program exponentially. Goats are extremely hardy, and can survive well in areas where food and water are scarce and other livestock cannot manage. Goats can essentially tend themselves, can climb trees to forage for food, return home in the evening without having to be called or driven and can survive on nearly any food source.

Kids for the Kingdom national director for Malawi, Joseph Hara reports “The goat project has proved so popular, it is being recommended by all the local Chiefs. It is for this reason that 32 Chiefs from Area 23 where Living Water Feeding School is being operated continue requesting that they too need the same goat project because it is so effective.” Pastor Joseph shared this scripture with each of the recipients of a new goat:

“But when you set them free, don’t send them away without anything to show for all of their work.  Freely give them some animals from your flock.  Also give them some of your grain and wine.  The Lord your God has blessed you richly.  Give to them as he has given to you”  Deuteronomy 15:13-14