Modern Day slavery

Throughout rural Pakistan, illiterate and desperate laborers are tricked into accepting small loans in exchange for agreeing to work at brick kilns for a short period of time. Due to predatory terms, their debt balloons, growing larger as time goes on, with no possibility of repayment. These laborers are eventually condemned to work for the rest of their lives for no compensation. If the laborer dies, their debt is passed on to his or her children who are then forced to take up their place in the brick factories.

Kids for the Kingdom Pakistan National Directors Shahzad and Irum are licensed attorneys working to provide legal representation to many of these bonded laborers in order to help free them from a life of slavery here on earth, and at the same time share the gift of the Good News of the Gospel message with them to give them a hope for eternity in heaven. Please pray for Shahzad and Irum as they work to help the marginalized children and families in their country.