Prayer for a Heart

One of the young pregnant mothers at Kids for the Kingdom’s “His Resting Place” maternity home was told by her doctor “your heart is too weak for you to give birth, you need to abort the baby. If you try to give birth naturally or with a c-section, you will die.” The young mother chose to carry the baby despite the doctors’ warning. Instead she asked Kids for the Kingdom prayer teams to pray for her. Several weeks later, the young pregnant woman visited her doctor again; to his surprise, her heart had gained strength, it was now at over 50% strength, strong enough for her to have the baby without risk to herself. “The doctors are amazed” says Nita Sarnak, director of “His Resting Place”. Please continue to pray for this young mother (name withheld for her safety) to continue to gain strength and to have a safe birth and healthy little baby.