Prayer for ‘Kinderstunde’ Kids

Kids attend ‘Kinderstunde’ in Germany

Once the heart of the Great Reformation, Germany is a nation that has forgotten God. Today, less than 1 person in 1,000 in Germany is a Christian. Churches in German towns and rural villages are virtually empty on Sundays. Today these historic churches serve little more purpose for the community than a clock tower that chimes at the beginning of each hour.

In this dismal spiritual environment
Josef and Maria Prenninger are successfully reaching children with the Good News of Jesus in Germany’s inner-city community of Hellersdorf-Berlin. “Each week we have about 80-90 children coming to Kinderstunde,” reports Josef.

‘Kinderstunde’ is the ‘Children’s Hour’ Bible Club [photo] that Josef and Maria conduct each Friday afternoon. “The children are learning that God loves them. Many have invited Jesus into their hearts and they are growing in the Lord,” says Josef. “Now they are bringing their friends to Kinderstunde. Last week a nine-year-old girl named Leah brought eight friends. We are out-growing our current building.”

Pray that more children continue come to Kinderstunde, that God continues to touch their young hearts, and that Josef and Maria receive the personal support they need and the funding needed for a larger facility for the growing Kinderstunde.