Sonoma County Fires

Kids for the Kingdom is actively helping with the devastating fires in Sonoma county. Many of our friends have lost their homes. Several of our former and current board members are being threatened or have already evacuated due to the fires. Please pray for those affected and those that have all their worldly belongings. Pray for opportunities to minister to those same people. To support Kids for the Kingdom’s local disaster relief efforts give here:…/sonoma-county-fire-reli…/

Background info on the fire: The Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa started late Sunday night on Tubbs lane and was fueled by extremely dry winds gusting up to 50 mph. It tore down the Mark West Springs road area and into the Coffey Park neighborhood of northern Santa Rosa and decimated houses, schools, and businesses. The fires continue to burn unchecked throughout the Eastern part of the county with 0% containment. Thank you for your prayers and support.