St. Luke the Evangelist Church Water Well – Mairo-Inya, Kenya


Sometimes our teams drilling new water wells run into unexpected challenges. While drilling a new shallow well for the St. Luke the Evangelist Church in the Nakuru region of Kenya, they encountered hard rock which their drill couldn’t break through. “Whenever we encounter such a problem we do not give up easily, we try different sites within the land of the beneficiaries. We thank God there was a hand dug water well and the water there does not dry up.” reported Kenya National Director and water engineer David Maina. Faced with a tough situation, our team was able to creatively solve the issue, and there are enough funds left over to provide for 3 other clean water projects in other areas who would have otherwise had to wait. A map of the actual well location (based on it’s GPS coordinates) is below.


Photo left: Drilling the Evangelist church well in Mairo-inya, Kenya.