Vadim says ‘Merry Christmas’



Vadim says ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Thank you for your prayers for me’ to everyone who has prayed for him over the years.

Vadim was only 3 years old when he fell off a swing and suffered brain damage. Doctors labeled him ‘un-teachable’ and his parents abandoned him to be locked him away in an orphanage for the disabled.
One evening while alone in his room Vadim thought he heard someone call his name; the voice told him, “Ask for a Bible.” The next time Kids for the Kingdom volunteer teams came to the orphanage, Vadim asked for a Bible.

Due to his disabilities, Vadim had never attended school nor was taught to read. Even so, he tried to read his new Bible. Little by little he began to understand words and then whole passages. Doctors were amazed and confirmed that Vadiim was actually reading the Bible. Vadiim says, “God gave me the ability to understand the words.”

Recently Vadim‘s lifelong dream to have a real home and family outside of Adamii was realized. A Kids for the Kingdom team member worked for 5 years to officially ‘adopt’ Vadim and bring him home to live with their family. Vadim is now the most peaceful he‘s ever been as he spends time with his new family and settles in to his home outside the institution.

Vadim has no idea how many people have heard his story of encouragement showing how God can work through a seemingly hopeless situation and bring about His will.

Thank you for your prayers and support for Vadim and all the children, widows and families being ministered to through Kids for the Kingdom’s programs this Christmas season!